Profile questus September 4, 2014
Questus Capital Group Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s leading providers of affordable housing, Questus is distinctive in the marketplace for the following reasons:

Questus is the largest provider of affordable housing in Western Australia, and one of the largest in the nation. Since 2007 Questus has delivered over $1 billion of affordable housing on behalf of over 2,600 investors.


Questus is highly innovative in creating investment structures which are a win:win for Federal and State Governments, seeking to enable more affordable housing, as well as for institutional and private investors, seeking tax-effective, secure, long-term returns.


The Questus team provides access to a broad and deep understanding of every element of fund-raising, overseeing project delivery and managing affordable housing assets. Our team of uniquely networked, qualified and seasoned professionals has a well-deserved reputation within the social housing sector.

Ethical investment

Specialising in the delivery of affordable housing (i.e. the space in the market between Government-owned social housing and privately-owned dwellings), Questus provides a range of vehicles appropriate for ethical investment.

Compliance culture

Questus pursues a disciplined approach to investment selection with a strong emphasis on compliance and risk management.

Fund options

Questus has created a range of investment vehicles for a variety of purposes, including those compliant with the Significant Investor Visa (SIV), approved NRAS properties, as well as other affordable housing investment options.