About questus September 4, 2014

Questus Capital Group has over 20 years’ experience in Funds Management and Compliance Services. Questus holds two Australian Financial Services Licenses, an Australian Credit License, a Western Australian Real Estate Licence, is an Approved Participant under the Federal and State Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme, and has registered to become a National Disability Insurance Scheme Specialist Disability Accommodation Provider (SDA).


The Questus team provides access to a broad and deep understanding of every element of fund raising, portfolio management, compliance, and project delivery. Our team of uniquely networked, qualified and seasoned professionals has a well deserved reputation within the property sector.


Questus is the largest provider of affordable housing in Western Australia, and one of the largest in the nation. Since 2007, Questus has delivered over $1billion of affordable housing on behalf of over 4,000 investors.


Questus is highly innovative in creating investment structures which are a win: win. Working with Private Sector Investors, Not for Profit Entities, Developers, Community Housing Providers and Government sectors to deliver outcomes which meet financial and social objectives.


Questus embraces a disciplined approach to compliance, governance, risk management and best practices, with a skilled and experienced team of compliance practitioners.

Questus is governed by its Board and Independent Representatives, Responsible Managers and External Compliance Committee.

Questus places great emphasis on ethics and integrity in all our business dealings.